27 May 2010

missing link

We were discussing plate tectonics in class the other day when the subject of Pangaea came up. My students were very interested to learn how plate tectonics and continental drift are responsible for our world shifting from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Naturally, some of my students began asking questions about human evolution. I wondered how to address this topic in the remaining five minutes of class, as it can be touchy, at best.

Luckily, Kewpie Kid spoke up, ready to address their questions. You may remember his serenade to my treasure troll.

He explained his theory of human evolution to the class, and later that day, I found this note from him in my classroom mailbox:

The guys that had there

chins big died becaus the human exented

them then thats why we cant see them

those people were made for the woods

there feet were cool when they first haded

those people they didn't knew how

to walk but they started learning

and fine too.

Well, then. I guess the mystery has been solved!

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