08 June 2010

all good things must come to an end

My school year ended on Friday. So did my time teaching in the Rio Grande Valley. On June 21st, I'll be leaving the Valley to move to San Jose, Costa Rica, to teach 4th grade. It's hard to know what to say about this change. Teaching in Costa Rica is something I've thought about doing for several years. It took a very rocky start to this school year to push me to go through with this plan and find a teaching job in Costa Rica. I love the natural beauty and culture of Costa Rica and am thrilled to have this chance to experience what it's like to live there. At the same time, although the RGV is not where I grew up, it is the first place I lived on my own and the place where I learned how to be an adult. For five years I have worked harder than I thought possible to teach my kiddos, and they have worked even harder than that to learn. The Valley is my home now, and leaving home is always hard. Right now, my time is filled with making last visits, saying goodbyes, and packing up my things to ship overseas, to put in storage, or to give to others. But I imagine that the reality of this move will set in soon. I'm glad that I have a lot to keep me busy for now.

In the coming months, I will definitely be writing about my life and work in Costa Rica. I'll also continue to write about my students and experiences in the Valley over the past five years. There are still many stories to be told.

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