02 April 2010

mariah carey and treasure trolls

I love decorating my classroom with kitschy knick-knacks around holidays. December is a prime time for these things to appear around the place. Earlier this year, I put a baby elf Treasure Troll on my overhead projector cart in honor of the season. This doll was wearing a mini diaper and a Santa hat on top of its flowing mane of mint-green hair. One of my students asked me if he could play with the monito [little toy]. I replied that he could, as long as he was still paying attention, and gave him the troll. I should mention here that this friend is one of my most amusing students. He looks just like a Kewpie doll and is constantly saying the wackiest things. Sometimes I can't even stand how cute he is.

After introducing the independent practice activity, I began circulating around the room to check on my students' progress. As I walked around, I heard low musical tones coming from somewhere in the room, but couldn't tell exactly where they were coming from. The girl who sits across the table from Kewpie Kid raised her hand with a question. When I went to help her, I realized that the quiet music I had noticed earlier was Kewpie Kid singing softly to the troll. I bent closer to him, trying not to let him know what I was doing, and saw that Kewpie Kid was wrapping the troll's hair around and around its stomach, singing Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" to the little toy.

At this point, I felt the laughter bubbling up but tried to suppress it. After all, I didn't want to embarrass Kewpie Kid. But I couldn't help asking him if he was, in fact, singing "Touch My Body" to the troll. Kewpie Kid looked up, startled, and exclaimed, "No! Well, maybe...Ok...yes, miss," with a little half-grin on his face. I looked at another girl who sits at Kewpie Kid's table, and the three of us burst out laughing and laughing.

To think I almost threw away that troll last year!

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