18 November 2014

out of the mouths of babes, part 2

More student quotes discovered from past years:

Miss, Juseth’s favorite color is jello. [yellow]

Debating different colors of apples:

Oh, I love green apples.  They’re so yuicy.  They’re SO yuicy.

Talking about what might be in the snack bags that our buddy class made for our class during state testing week:
There’s a yuice for chure. [There's a juice for sure.]

Running back at the end of the day during bus dismissal:

Miss, just one more hug!

A student was upset that she dropped her backpack:

Aw, Miss, it’s my supa bad day!

Student running up to me as a I was struggling to carry science supplies into my classroom:

Let me help yooooouuuuu!  

One of my students who initially had a lot of trouble cooperating and sharing with other students during another student's school birthday celebration:

Don’t forget, we need to save a piece of cake for the kids who are at reading intervention!

One student was sitting by himself on the wall near the concrete ball court.

Me:  Don’t you want to play with the other kids?
Boy 1:  I never played sports.
Boy 2:  [holds out basketball to boy 1] Do you want to share the ball with me?

Talking about Saturday school:

Me:  So are you coming to tutorials on Saturday?
Student:  Nah, nah!
Me:  Why not?
Student:  Because I gotta go to the March par Christ, March par Christ!  Jeah!  Jeah! [chanted while doing a little dance]

Miss, my dad got [flu] shots the other day.  But it didn’t hurt him.  Because he has a lot of lard.

At the end of  a phone call with a student:

Tell your mama I love her!

Meeting with  a student's mother before school one day.  
Mother:  I need you to move my daughter's seat, because [another student] has been molesting her.
Me: [thinking:  Oh my God, this is terrible.  How could this happen in my class?!]  Of course, I will definitely move her seat.  Can you tell me more about this situation?  I want to make sure this never happens again.  
Mother:  Yes, he was talking to her during class...

Then I remembered that molestar/molest is a false cognate.  The other student was bothering  this woman's daughter.  

Male student walking along singing “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

Student dancing to "1, 2 Step." He began moving his shoulder at first, then his arm, then his head, then his whole upper body, then the rest of his body.  He then proceeded to "call" me using my camera case as a cell phone.

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