17 November 2014

out of the mouths of babes, part 1

While going through old files on my computer, I came across a document with a bunch of old student quotes.  I wanted to include them here so I could remember them.  

5 or 6 months after the One Republic song "Too Late to Apologize" came out:

(One student bumps into another, clearly on purpose)
Ismael:  Hey!  You push-id me!
Leo:  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!
Ismael:  No!  It's too late...to apologize!
Both:  laugh hysterically

While learning about sound waves:

Kenia:  Miss, did you know that they play music for cows to hear, so they will think it's their babies crying and make more milk?

Edgar:  (while dancing and making "milking" motions)  Oh yeah, hace leche!  Hace leche!

"Miss, my hypothesis is that science class will rule today."  -Saul

"Miss, your earrings are so lustrous."  -Ismael

"Misth...itth time."  -Eduardo (Said while peering in at me from the hallway, urging me to finish class so the students could switch back to homerooms.  I had some trouble with pacing my first semester teaching.)

My students were selling discount cards for $20 each to raise money for a school trip.  One girl asked a boy, Rudy G., to buy one for her.  Afterwards:

Rudy:  "Aw miss...these girls know me too well...they know that I got the money...that I got the STRENGTH [making bicep flexing motions]."

Edgar (student who struggled with making good choices):  Miss, I don’t like Mondays.
Me:  I know, it can be really hard to come back and get to work after having fun all weekend…but I’m always happy to come back and see you guys.
Edgar:  No, I mean I don’t like Mondays because we have to go to computers and we don’t get to do experiments!

Student:  Miss, if I’m an orphan, you adopt me?
Me:  Yes, of course! 
Student:  How about my twin? [this student did not have a twin]

While checking homework, I noticed that one student’s paper began, “So Hitler was a shermy little man.”

Me:  Shermy?  What does that mean?
Student:  Schemey!  He made up a lot of schemes.   

…Yeah, I bet spell check didn’t even catch that one.

Love you, Miss!

Just before Winter break:

It’s better to give than to receive, Miss!

While discussing what causes earthquakes:

Eddie:  Maybe it’s not really the plates moving around that causes earthquakes…maybe there are alien scientists who study us like little germs, and when they move the slide, that’s what moves us all around.
Me:  Oh yeah...maybe...
Eddie:  Yes, and then when the scientists look at me on the slide, they’re like, “Hey!  Who is that hot kid?!”  And then all the ladies run in the street, and they’re like, “Hey!  Get out of my way!  We want to get that hot guy!”

While looking at an angel ornament that another student gave me:  

Wow!  This is so beautiful!

Miss, can’t we just stay here?  I’m feeling so lethargic!

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