01 October 2011

one last bash

For my last weekend in Costa Rica, I had two visitors in town: my mom and my friend J.C. J.C. arrived on Wednesday, and I took her to one of my favorite restaurants that night before sending her to Manuel Antonio the next day. My mom arrived on Thursday, came with me to school on Friday, and then we took a shuttle to La Fortuna, where we met J.C. On Saturday morning, we went to Catarata La Fortuna.

We noticed lots of people swimming in the beautiful waters but realized that we had forgotten our own suits. My mom and J.C. had clothes that they could swim in, but I was wearing jeans. What to do? Luckily, both of them also had some bandanas and I had some safety pins, so I fashioned a makeshift bathing suit to wear into the waterfall. It actually worked pretty well!

After visiting the waterfall, we went back to the hostel to change for our volcano hike. The weather was beautiful as we started out.

We had an incredible view of Volcan Arenal!

After hiking for a few hours, we reached the end of the zone where people are allowed to walk. And then our guide had us keep walking, into the "high risk zone."

That evening, we went to Baldi Hot Springs to relax our muscles after a day of hiking. I'm so glad that I had the chance to show some more visitors the La Fortuna area before leaving, and that I finally got to go on a volcano hike!

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