05 October 2011


On Sunday, my mom caught a shuttle to Manuel Antonio, while J.C. and I went canyoning. I was very excited, as I had been on the zip line quite a few times, but had never done a canyoning trip before. It was even better than I expected!

Our group learning the ropes:

J.C. and me

Riding in the "Jungle Limo" to the first waterfall

We started with a 15-foot waterfall. I was the first to go! (Not going to lie, I felt kind of BA because of that.) I was shaking a bit--even though I was excited, I was pretty nervous as well. After the 15-foot waterfall, we hiked through the canyon a bit, until we got to this 125-foot waterfall! Here's J.C., rappelling like a pro.

Here I am rappelling

Phew, I made it!

Our guides kept telling us that this trip was "so much more than just rappelling...it's really canyoning!" I didn't know what they meant--I mean, what's the difference, right? At one point, we came to a deep-ish pool in the middle of our path, so they had us cannonball into the middle of it to get across. Again, I was the first one to go, and the guide kept pushing me back into the water when he was supposed to be helping me get out. They were hilarious!

Later, one of them laid down in the river, to "block the water from making us slip" as we climbed down this steep section:

When another guide told us to sit down, I knew something was up...

It was awesome!

After experiencing the things that make canyoning different from just rappelling, we continued on to the 225-foot waterfall.

Even though I was kind of freaked out, it was completely amazing!!

After the last waterfall, we went back to the training station for lunch. While eating, we saw this crazy spider...check it out!

I must say, canyoning was one of the most fun, coolest things I've done in Costa Rica! So glad I got the chance to do that before I left, as I had seen it so many times in the book of activities in the hostel, but no one ever wanted to go with me. Thanks, J.C. for being willing to try it out!

After we got back and changed into dry clothes, we went to a nearby restaurant with one of the guys we met while canyoning, then caught the bus back to San Jose. J.C. came to school with me on Monday, then headed home on Tuesday. Thanks for visiting, J.C.--it was great to have you!

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