01 June 2011

new dress a day

Many of you know that I love reading the blog New Dress A Day every day. I think Marisa's creativity and enthusiasm are so inspiring! After spending a year rocking it out by working on dresses she has thrifted, Marisa is now accepting reader submissions and re-styling clothes that people send to her. Obviously, I was psyched to participate and purchased this dress a while back to send to Marisa for some re-fashioning.

The tropical vibe of this dress was just calling to me!

Imagine my excitement when I opened up today's post, only to discover that Marisa had featured the dress I sent her!

And, wow, check out what she was able to put together! Love it!

I am beyond thrilled that the dress actually made it to Marisa, and that she was able to make such a cute outfit from the original garment I sent her. Check out her post to see the transformation, step-by-step!

Thanks for making over the dress, Marisa, and for writing such a fab blog!

Image found here.

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