04 June 2011

deep conversations

While going through some scraps of paper, I discovered some student quotes I had written down after last year's field lesson to San Antonio. I got a laugh out of them, and hope you will, too! When we went on our field lesson, it was so great to interact with our students in a different way than we do in the classroom. One of the most different dynamics came up at bedtime, when the teachers were in charge of making sure the students went to sleep on time. Bedtime rounds were one of my favorite parts of the trip (besides seeing the students get so excited about going to college, of course!), because the students were so funny and so cute in their pajamas! Here's a sampling of some of my favorite quotes from bedtime rounds:

From a conversation on the first night, when Kewpie Kid was trying to delay going to bed:
Kewpie Kid: Miss! Miss! I need to show you something.
Ms. C: Not now...it's time for bed.
Kewpie: But I need to show you my abs! I've been working really hard on them!
Ms. C: Well, you and your abs need to get in the room! (Closes door)
Kewpie: (calling through the crack between the door and floor) Miiiiiisss!

From a conversation with a student about how they were prohibited from leaving their rooms at night, and how we would know right away if they did so:
Ms. C: (through the door) ...and we've put special tape on the door!
Student: Well, what if I open the door and re-stick the tape?
Ms. C: It's impossible to do that...it's so delicate, it only sticks once.

From a general good night conversation:
Student: (said in angelic voice while wearing adorable, high-water flannel pjs) Good night!
Mr. T: (to teachers) No way is he going to bed yet. He just doesn't want me to check his room.

From a general conversation with another bedtime-avoiding student:
Arty: The last time we came to San Antonio, there were lots of dead deers here. My mom said we weren't gonna get off the truck, but my cousin told her to stop. Then he got a sharp stick and poked one of the deers in the eye.
Me: Ick!
Arty: What, Miss? It's just a guy thing.
Me: What is? Poking a dead deer in the eye?
Arty: Well, yeah, anything girls are scared to do.

Oh, the memories of wrangling 90 students into bed... Definitely one of the most challenging, and entertaining, experiences I've had as a teacher!

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