27 May 2011

back and forth

On the one hand:

1. During a bake sale the other day, a student who forgot money said that he would "just have to rob someone" in order to get the funds he needed to buy a treat.

2. In a group discussion during Values class, the school counselor asked my students to think of times when people behave inappropriately and to brainstorm better behavioral choices.

"I have an inappropriate situation," one student proclaimed. "When you kick someone in the nuts!"

Yes, student of mine, that would be inappropriate, much like your language right there. (Not going to lie, though, I had a hard time not laughing out loud when I heard that comment...)

Afterwards, I told my student that I was very embarrassed to hear him say that. Another student overheard me and asked me, "Do you have angry, Teacher, or do you have shame?" (Again, it was a little hard for me to keep from laughing out loud.)

On the other hand:

1. Arriving at school the other day, I found two students sitting outside my classroom, completing some schoolwork. When I asked if they had forgotten to do their homework the night before, they showed me their completed homework, and asked me if they could get a head start on next week's assignments. ???

2. My entire class has spontaneously burst into applause at the conclusion of two read-alouds in the last week. I like to think I do a mean read aloud, but...wow!

Is it just me, or do kids everywhere seem to be going a little nuts in anticipation of summer vacation?

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