24 June 2011

los angeles wedding

After visiting San Diego, I headed back to Los Angeles to be maid of honor in S.R.'s wedding! All of the bridesmaids arrived a few days early, and it was a wonderful week full of catching up and celebration.

S.R. (in the middle) with all of the bridesmaids, heading out for the bachelorette party, a day of wine tasting

Helping S.R. put on her crown and veil for the day

College roommates! We lived together for our three years at Cornell (we both transferred in for our sophomore year). So many good times...some rough times, too...but everything is always better with good friends!

The gorgeous view from Pepperdine's campus. Love that flag waving in the background, ha!

At our first winery...called Cornell! Many of us went to Cornell, so it was very appropriate. According to the lady who served us, there was actually a connection between the university and this town long ago.

My favorite picture from the day

All of the redheads with S.R.'s new "Redheads Are the Hottest...Cooks" cookbook, sold at our third winery. My hair is not super red anymore, but it used to be (it was totally natural, btw...just want to put that out there), but S.R. still considers me a redhead. After the wine tour, we went to some bars near S.R.'s house and then back to her house for a BBQ with a bunch of the couple's friends (both of these parts were a surprise for S.R.)

Arriving for the wedding rehearsal at The Victorian

S.R. is an amazing cellist (I mean seriously...she even did a master class with Yo Yo Ma when we were in college!), and she played this piece at the rehearsal dinner in memory of family members who had passed away and were not able to attend.

The happy couple

The day before the wedding, we went to Trader Joe's to buy flowers to make all of the arrangements. On Saturday morning, we went to town, making the centerpieces, the bridesmaids' bouquets, the boutonnieres, the corsages, and even the bridal bouquet! They turned out really well, and it was much cheaper than buying them from a florist.

Bridesmaids' bouquets

S.R. after getting her hair and makeup done

Getting into the dress

So lovely!

Almost time!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of S.R. (now S.P.!) from the wedding, because I was too busy to take many photos! My reading during the ceremony and my toast during the reception went well, thank goodness. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was so fun to have everyone there early so we could have more time to celebrate and get ready for the wedding! Congratulations to S.P. and S.P.!

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