07 May 2011

texas comes to costa rica

A few days after my sister returned to the United States, two friends from Texas came to spend their spring break in Costa Rica! I had to work for most of the time they were here enjoying the country, but we did make it over to Manuel Antonio for a weekend.

I just love the blue water of the beaches in Costa Rica.

I never get tired of the monkeys and their tricks. We caught this one trying to steal food from some beachcombers.

Check out his face here...he looks so angry that people were trying to get their stuff back from him. Too funny!

Enjoying the beautiful sunset

On our second day there, A.M. and I decided to go parasailing. Here we are, getting strapped in for the ride.

Flying over the ocean! It was so much fun...not scary at all! Okay, actually the hook holding us into the harness was a little flimsy for my taste, but other than that...not scary at all!

It was so great to have some more friends in town. A.M. and L.H., I'm so glad you came to visit!

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