04 May 2011

shake, rattle, and roll

The town I where live is located on a tectonic fault line, so there's a lot of geological activity in the area. We had a little earthquake one night while I was at my dance studio. Although the earthquake was not serious, the studio is located in an old building, so we had to evacuate because it was shaking pretty badly and the wall-length mirrors were in danger of falling on us. As we were filing off the dance floor, a "gentleman" in my class grabbed me from behind, offering to rescue me. Ugh! I mean, a natural disaster is not the time to get fresh.

Anyway, it reminded me of Kewpie Kid's explanation of earthquakes, which is too funny not to share! You may remember Kewpie Kid from his previous tectonic theories and his serenade to the treasure troll. I taught earth science last year, so tectonic plates, eathquakes, and other related phenomena were a big deal for us. After we had been studying them for a few weeks, Kewpie raised his hand...

Me: Yes, Kewpie, do you have a question?
Kewpie: No, Miss! I have another idea about
what causes earthquakes!
Me: Great, what is it?
Kewpie: Well, I think that even though we feel big,
we're actually really tiny, you know?
Me: Okaaaaay...
Kewpie: And so, since we're all tiny and stuff,
giant scientists are always looking at us under a microscope.
Me: Uh huh...
Kewpie: And then, you know, when they want to look
at something else, they need to move the little glass thing that we're on.
When they do that, we go "Whoooooaaaaa!" and move all around. And
that's when the earthquakes happen!
Me: Wow, Kewpie, that is quite a theory! But
I'd really like you to learn the tectonic plate theory too, ok?
Kewpie: Sure, Miss.

What can I say? He's definitely an independent thinker!

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  1. Luisa,
    I was an independent thinker as well... actually I think I still am. I am glad you got your wallet back. I wanted to thank you for posting a comment. Jana makes fun of me cause i hardly get any comments and she gets a ton. Now I can hold my head high.

    PS -i responded to your comment in the comment thread.