10 May 2011

hitting the trail

A few Sundays ago, some friends and I decided to hike up to Chicharronera El Pizote, a well-known restaurant near my friend's house. A chicharronera is an eating establishment that specializes in chicharrones, or fried chunks of pork rind. The weather was beautiful!
I love these colorful houses.

G.H. and J.F. hiking with Tobey

Nice day for sitting on the patio

After a while, we came to this bridge. Luckily, we did not have to cross it.

We came upon this nativity set up and decorated all Christmas-like in the woods outside the local water treatment plant. I love finding hidden surprises like this.

Almost there...

An hour and half later, we made it! I kept a lookout, but did not see any pizotes (tapirs) in the area.

Mmmm...chifrijo. (The name comes from chicharrones with frijoles). Now we can make up for all those calories we burned on the hike there!

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