24 May 2011

best in show

A few weekends ago, my friend E.G. and I attended the National Orchid Show. Orchids are fairly common in tropical areas like Costa Rica, and the guaria morada, a type of orchid known for its gorgeous pinky-purple petals, is the national flower, so we figured we'd get to see some beautiful plants.

When we arrived at the venue in San Pedro, we found this cool structure constructed from milk crates. The artist who made this has many other creations featured around downtown San Jose.
I wonder if you can climb this thing...

Inside the venue, we saw hundreds of types orchids, most of which I never knew were orchids. My camera didn't take great pictures with the lighting at the show, but luckily, E.G.'s did! I have to give her credit for these photos.

This type of flower is what usually comes to mind when I think of orchids

These buttery orchids were some of my favorites

Cool details on the center of the flower

I love the unusual purple color of these flowers!

Lovely velvety color

This orchid has an animal-print thing going on

Great bright green/berry color combo

We had such a beautiful, calm afternoon...thanks for inviting me, E.G.!

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