24 April 2011

it's a small world after all

One of the reasons I was interested in teaching in Costa Rica is that my maternal grandmother's family used to live here. It has been really interesting to visit places I had seen in my grandmother's old photographs when I was a kid. I also love running into people who knew my grandmother's family. During a conversation with my principal over dinner one night, I asked if she had ever lived outside of Costa Rica, and she mentioned that she had lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for a while, a city I used to live in as well. One part of our discussion led to another, and we eventually discovered that her grandparents were very good friends with my great-grandparents, and even worked together to start a school in Costa Rica! We also learned that she and my cousin attended the same all-girls high school in Raleigh (at different times), and that her mother and my grandmother attended a women's college in Raleigh together--the same college where I spent my freshman year. I don't really buy into the "everything happens for a reason" philosophy, but I do think it's so neat that I ended up working with someone whose family knows mine so well!

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