27 April 2011

won't you be my neighbor?

I have the greatest neighbors! One of my goals for this year is to "spread some joy" to those around me, so each month I pick one little thing to do for my neighbors or co-workers. These projects aren't anything big (in February I passed out heart-shaped sugar cookies; in March I gave out Shamrock notes and gold-wrapped candies...you get the idea). But over the past few weeks, I have gotten the following things as thank-you gifts from my neighbors:

(The lighter might seem random, but it's totally useful for the tricky burners in my apartment building!)

A package of chocolate was also dropped off since I took the photo. I think I'm totally lucking out with this deal...I mean, a bag of craisins and a pint of strawberries is way better than a sugar cookie! I'm thinking of going with a Cinco de Mayo theme for next month...any ideas?

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