21 April 2011

clowning around

My neighbor G and I were standing outside our apartment compound the other day, waiting for our ride to work. As an unfamiliar car pulled over, G wondered out loud, "Who is that?" I squinted to get a better look and replied, "I think it's Mr. P [a co-worker of ours], but it looks like he has a bunch of stuffed animals in the seat next to him." Of course, that wouldn't make any sense, but that is how it seemed.

When the car pulled up alongside us, the person in the passenger seat--who happened to be a clown with neon green hair, not a bunch of stuffed animals--rolled down the window and called out to us, asking for directions to a nearby school. I was so surprised/freaked out to see a clown asking for directions at 7:00 a.m. that I didn't hear what she said at first. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell her where the school was, so we parted ways. I hope she made it to her destination. I also hope I don't run into any more clowns early-ish in the morning.

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