09 October 2010

in search of ruby slippers

My gal EA and I hit the mall yesterday afternoon, hoping to find a pair of these...

...complete with take-me-anywhere-with-only-three-heel-clicks powers.

And wouldn't you know, the only ruby slippers we could find were in gigantic pinata form. I love it here, but in light of the week we just wrapped up and some upcoming changes, it would be nice to have the ability to take a break from it all and pop home for a weekend here and there.


If nothing else, the past week has shown me what an awesome group of people I work with, and I lovelovelove my class. So for now, I'll just keep clicking my less-than-sparkly teacher heels and trust that while they may not be able to magically transport me to another country, I can still count on them to get me to school on time.

Besides, ruby slippers may be great for following yellow brick roads and all, but my teacher shoes are better for dancing.

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