06 October 2010

children's day

At school the other day, we celebrated Children's Day, a Costa Rican mini-holiday. I'm usually all for the holiday celebrations, but I must admit that I was a little skeptical of this one initially, as I seem to remember my mother telling me that every day was "Children's Day" when I asked her about it when I was little. (Of course, I now realize that she was right about that...along with everything else!) Nevertheless, my co-teacher and I signed up to run an apple-bobbing booth during the festivities. To keep the germ rampage to a minimum, my co-teacher had the great idea to have the kids try to eat the apples as they were hanging by string instead of bobbing for them in tubs of water.

As it turns out, the celebration was awesome! We pretty much just enjoyed watching the kids having fun and laughing as they ran around to the different game stations for about an hour and then got back to business as usual. The kids had a chance to do things like decorate cookies, string fruit-loop necklaces, get their faces painted, and go mini-bowling. I think that the apple-bobbing station was the best place to be because it was hilarious to watch the kids try to get those apples off their strings.

To top it off, when we returned to the classroom, we discovered a special delivery that had been made while we were out playing:

Yes, it's true. Not one...

...but two batches of cupcakes were dropped off for our class to enjoy!

I know. Consider me an official Children's Day fan. Thanks, parents!!

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  1. WOW!! Children's Day Rocks! My students will be so jealous.