12 October 2010

there are no words

One thing that always makes me smile is seeing signs with slightly-off translations. They're not very common, as people in Costa Rica tend to speak English very well. But occasionally, you'll see something like this:

...and you just have to laugh.

Another thing I love is the random overstock goods from the U.S. that you can buy here (very cheaply, I might add).

Exhibit A:
It's a little hard to tell in this picture, but if you look closely, you can see that these are Kool-Aid sneakers, featuring everyone's favorite, amorphous snack time mascot. Love!!!

Exhibit B:
Two-toned laces? Soles that leave smiling footprints in the dirt? What could be better?

Oh, the memories...of sunny days from childhood and that crazy commercial in which Kool-Aid Man burst through brick walls.

Isn't it funny what can make you nostalgic?

Images via Flickr and Google Image Search.

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  1. lol. Family Guy: "OHHH YEAHHHHH...OH NOOOOOOOOO" Look it up. It's funny :)