09 September 2010

hitchin' a ride

Don't these girls look like they're having fun? That's because they're hitchhiking. And we all know that getting a ride with strangers is always more exciting, if a little more dangerous, than than just driving yourself around.

When I moved to Costa Rica, I was worried about not having a car, but it has not been a problem at all. On the weekends, I walk or use public transportation to get around, and on the weekdays, I catch rides with co-workers or take the school bus.

Here's a picture of EA and me, waiting by the street for our ride to school. We just stand in this spot every day and wait for someone to come along and pick us up. Sometimes we take bets on who will drive by first.

You just never know who will lend a helping hand or what you might see on the ride to school, which is all part of the excitement. The other day, EA and I got a ride from our co-worker and her son, Raudel (who also happens to be one of my students). I sat next to Raudel, who was in his car seat (which by the way was pretty much the cutest thing ever), and met his friend, Rumplestiltskin, star of Shrek: Forever After. The whole ride there, Raudel kept bopping his doll's head, which made the doll cry out exciting things like "Ha! Haha! Hoho!" and "Bap bap bap!" It was a really funny way to start the day.

Check out this crazy character, Rumplestiltskin:

(Side note: is it just me, or does Shrekerumplestiltskin bear an uncanny/kinda-creepy resemblance to the Treasure Trolls of yore?...

...yup, that's what I thought.)

Anyway, I'm very grateful for my co-workers' kindness in driving us to work every day. I have not had to take the bus to school once since school began, which I think is pretty amazing!

Going home from work, I usually ride the school bus. The afternoon ride is fun for chatting with other teachers and students in other classes who also ride the bus. That's how I met my new best friend, Rodrigo. During our bus rides, Rodrigo teaches me about dinosaurs, minerals, and everything he's learning in first grade.

I must say, as much as I love my car (which is so loyally waiting for me at my parents' house while I'm in Costa Rica) it's really nice not to have to worry about car repairs and learning how to drive in the crazy San Jose traffic. So for now, being car-less is working out great!

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