31 August 2010


One of my favorite uses for YouTube is finding inspiring videos and showing them to my students to help them visualize themselves reaching their academic and life goals. Today, my fourth grade friends and I watched the amazing video Can, one that I've been using for a few years now, and although you may have seen it already, I wanted to share it with you all.

On the off chance you haven't seen it yet, definitely check it out! It's an incredible story about the relationship between a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who compete in marathons and triathlons across the United States. Because Rick has cerebral palsy, his father, Dick, pushes him in his wheelchair so they can compete in these events. The father-and-son pair make up Team Hoyt, which strives to help those who are physically disabled become active members of the community.

Update: Unfortch, I was unable to load the video here, even after four several-hours-long attempts. If you'd like to watch the video (and I hope you do!), go here.

Warning: this video may induce misty eyes. After I showed it my sixth grade friends last year, one student said to me, "Aw, Miss, that movie was so beautiful. I kept starting to cry, but I can't cry...I'm a man!"

A sixth grade "man" admitting to crying in front of his friends? I ask you, what higher praise can there be?

Clips of their story are also cut to MercyMe's song I Can Only Imagine, if you'd like to see and hear more about this amazing father-son team.

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  1. Rick and his father visited the middle school I taught at last year!