26 August 2010

wise words and a winner

This week's Quote of the Week award goes to:

As seen in the lovely home of friends EA and RB.

In other news, the random winner of the "Taste of the Tropics" giveaway has been selected!
Congratulations to... H, who commented, My favorite is a chocolate flavored breakfast cereal from Croatia called Cokolino. It's super yummy, and full of vitamins and minerals! I eat it daily for breakfast when I visit...and usually smuggle a box or two home with me :-).

Delicious, nutritious breakfast cereal? Sign me up! Please e-mail me your shipping address and your choice of candy flavor from the amazing Cafe Britt selection.

Thank you to everyone who participated...I loved reading about all of the delicious foods you have tried while traveling! I'm on the lookout for other fun Costa Rican things to share with y'all, so stay tuned for more giveaways.

1 comment:

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