25 August 2010

if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops...

...I'd be in sweet-tooth heaven. Several people have asked me what the biggest transition to life in Costa Rica has been.

For me, the greatest adjustment has not been getting used to the different [amazing] language,

or the different [delicious] food,

or the different [relaxing] concept of time,

but getting used to the massive amount of rain that falls here.

I knew that I was arriving in Costa Rica during the rainy season, of course, but I guess that after living in such a dry climate for the past five years, I really had no concept of just how much rain can fall in a 24-hour period. Most days, it will downpour for around eight hours, and it can be hard to get everyday chores done during these downpours.

During a particularly vicious storm the other day, a co-worker who has lived in Costa Rica for at least 20 years said to me, "So this is the point when Noah started building the ark, right?" Walking home from the bus stop that day, my friends and I got caught in a fresh onslaught of flash-flood proportions. I actually lost my sandal in the torrents streaming by us. I hope I didn't pick up some nasty infection while walking barefoot the rest of the way home.

It was a close call, but we made it home in time to catch the latest episode of Project Runway before our weekly Thursday Night Dinner. My rain boots had to make an appearance before I could leave my apartment for said dinner.

Fortunately, the rain usually begins in the late afternoon and continues on into the night, leaving the earlier part of the day sunny and the temperatures fresh. I keep reminding myself that it's the rain that keeps everything so green and beautiful here. The sound of rain falling on my tin roof and of thunder as it rolls across the central valley helps me fall asleep at night. And I've definitely gained a new appreciation for sunny days!

Do tell, if you've ever lived in a place different from where you grew up, what was the hardest thing for you to get used to?

And don't forget: tonight is the last night to enter the "Taste of the Tropics" giveaway, so if you'd like to take part, jump on it!

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  1. It is the rainy season in the Philippines as well. On Tuesday, the house flooded because they had to release the waters from the dam in the river. We had to buy boots to work around and get the house dry again. Miss you, Luisa.


  2. Hi Miss L!

    Thanks for dropping by The Bits and sending such a nice note. I do LOVE fun blogs, and yours is just that. (I've already added you to my Google Reader!)

    I have never lived anywhere outside of the US, so I only have the experience of moving from Buffalo, NY to Orange County, CA. Does the sudden need to dress fashionably count as an adjustment? Truth be told, Buffalo and The OC are some different animals but nothing like what one might encounter in another country.

    Best of luck to you professionally and in your online endeavors!