30 August 2010

el origen of a weekend

On Friday, my friends RB and EA made the wonderful discovery that the movie El Origen (Inception in English) has finally made it to our neck of the woods! After hearing so much about it and seeing the awesome previews for weeks (and *just* missing the release date when moving down to Costa Rica) how could we miss it?

On the bus to the theater:

I'll admit it: I was feeling pretty good about figuring out how to navigate the bus system downtown. I've been known to get lost in my hometown, so the fact that I figured out how to get to the theater in one piece was really exciting for me. Ok, so really I just blindly followed my friend's perfectly precise directions there, but we don't need to get caught up in the details, right? We got our tickets, made our way into the theater, and sat back to enjoy the show.

So, we're chilling there in the theater, watching all the previews, and suddenly it dawns on me that the current preview is really pretty long. As in, we've been watching Adrien Brody try to release his parachute while plummeting towards the earth for at least 2 minutes now. I'm thinking, "Hmmm...what kind of movie preview is this? Why aren't they trying to get us excited by showing us some cool action shots or explosions or something?" Adrien engages his parachute just in time for us to realize...it's not a preview. The movie has started, and we're in the wrong theater.

Let's pause for a moment here and take a look at my movie ticket:
You may notice that clearly emblazoned across the middle of the ticket is the bolded word Depredador. That would mean Predator, not Inception, just in case you were wondering. Somehow, we had bought the wrong tickets...still not sure how that happened, as we all speak Spanish at least conversationally, but it's just one of those funny things that will probably happen all the time as we're getting used to living here. Once we realized the mix-up, we ran out of the theater to try to get into the correct one, and luckily, the ushers let us in to see Inception, which had started just a few minutes earlier. BTW, the movie was incredible and thought-provoking. If by chance you haven't seen it yet, you really should...totally worth all the shimmying around at the beginning.

After we saw the movie and discussed its amazingness, we couldn't stop laughing about the mix-up with the tickets. The really funny thing is, if EA hadn't pointed out that we were in the wrong theater, that thought probably wouldn't have crossed my mind until about half the movie had gone by, if at all. I would have just sat there dazed and confused, wondering why the movie seemed so different from the previews.

Because we had an Open House at school on Saturday, we decided to stay in the San Jose area this weekend.

After the school functions, we found a new restaurant in San Jose...

...discovered a little street fair en route to the grocery store...

...and picked up come culinary essentials.

EA and RB moved into an unfurnished house, so they've been picking up as-portable-as-possible furniture here and there, and lugging boxes up hills to their new home. Note to self: moving is hard. Without a car, it's even harder. If at all possible, avoid moving without a car.

This friendly dog seemed eager to help with the moving process. Or maybe he just wanted some free food. What do you think?

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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