24 August 2010

hello cupcake!

One of the great things about teaching elementary school is that my little cupcakes (a.k.a. my students) still bring in cupcakes to celebrate their birthdays. When I taught middle school, there was no cupcake action going on, which is pretty much the main reason I no longer teach middle school. Even in a class with just 10 students, we've already celebrated a few birthdays this year. Yes, you read that correctly...I have only 10 students in my class this year. I guess it's just my reward for having over 40 kiddos in one class for part of my first year of teaching...yeesh.

Anyway, during the second week of school, my student Liliana brought in cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. She was so pumped to share them with the rest of the class during morning recess, and the other students were equally jazzed to help her celebrate. So jazzed, in fact, that as we were walking out to recess together, a student crashed into me, which caused me to lose my grip on the cupcake container, which in turn, caused the cupcakes to tumble to the ground, frosting side down. I saw Liliana's look of horror, and began praying for the cupcake-covered ground to open up and swallow me.

Mortification, folks? I hadn't realized it was on the daily agenda that fateful Friday, but there it was, right between recess and math.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Iggy and another boy Argelio began licking chocolate frosting from the ground. Aaaaaaaah! I'm pretty sure I have the world's biggest sweet tooth, so I totally understand the need to get your sugar on. But licking frosting from the ground? I mean...

Luckily, the other fourth grade teacher came along just then and saved the day by exclaiming, "Oh! A birthday celebration! Let's give Liliana a big hug, because it's her birthday and she deserves to have a wonderful day! I just hope there's one for me!" (There was, phew!) We put the candles into Liliana's cupcake and had a fun little party for her in the cafeteria.

Liliana was really sweet about the incident and we had a fun pizza-making activity later in the day, so I think the whole shebang was pretty much forgotten by the time the last bell rang. All the same, I'm appointing someone else to be cupcake carrier the next time we have a birthday celebration!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day, all things considered!

  2. I'm sorry....I couldn't concentrate enough to read the rest after reading 10 STUDENTS?!?! Heaven!!!!