21 April 2010

dear misses r

Every week, my students and I go on a virtual college tour to get an idea of what life is like at different universities around the country. We started off visiting Cornell University, because that's where I went and I knew how to access the online tour. When we "arrived" on campus, I realized that there is a cool live-view video camera that can zoom in on a particular spot on the main plaza, where students can go and wave to their parents or anyone else. This camera view is called the "Hi, Mom!" view. Since my mom works at Cornell, I thought it would be neat for the kids to see her waving to them during the tour. My mom and I worked out a waving schedule for a few days after the first tour. When she showed up at the time we had decided on, she was carrying a huge sign that read, "Hello students! Work hard, and YOU could be right here!"

How awesome!

Everyone was pretty excited about this, but one student, Eugene, went nuts. He was so excited about the tour, the video camera spot, and especially, the sign. "Aw, that's so nice...Your mom is SO COOL!" he kept exclaiming. During the next class period, when I went to check on how his homeroom was behaving with the substitute next door, he said he was finished with his work, and asked if he could write a letter to someone. Of course I said yes.

About fifteen minutes later, he came back to my classroom to give me the letter--only, instead of being addressed to me, it was for my mom!

It said:

Dear, Misses R

Thank you for making the sign for us. I really apprieciated it coming from someone that I care about. I know you are real busy but, remember that your daughter and me love you.

Eugene [Insert grand, flourishy signature here]

Emily Post would definitely approve!

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