25 April 2010

somebody call 9-1-1!

Each Monday afternoon I go to a grade level leaders meeting after school. A few weeks ago when I got back to my classroom after my meeting, I checked my school phone and discovered that I had 48 missed calls. 48 missed calls?! Mind you, I had been away from my phone for only a little over an hour. I looked over the homework assignment to see if there was something particularly challenging or confusing about it, thinking that might be why I had so many missed calls, but couldn't find anything. I decided to check the missed calls list, and found that 47 of the 48 missed calls were from the same number! I called the mystery number, only to have it ring and ring with no response. At that point, I became worried, thinking maybe one of my students had something horrible happen.

About an hour later, the phone rang again.

"Fiiiiii-nally!" my student, Ivan, said in his high, Steve Urkel-ish voice.
"Ivan? Is that you? What's wrong?" I asked, in a panic.
"Miss, what sentences am I supposed to write?"

At my school, when students don't meet behavioral expectations, they are assigned sentences to write related to their particular infraction. If they do not bring the sentences the next day, they receive behavioral detention. I'm not sure how effective the system is, as I know of many students who seem to think writing sentences is fun, and even write sentences in anticipation of being assigned them later on. Nevertheless, that is our system.

"I-VAN! you called me 47 times to ask me what sentences you have to write?!"
"Well, it was an emeeeergency, and I didn't want detention!" he whined.

At least he's thorough.

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