25 February 2012

science quotes

I taught a bunch of different subjects during my six years in the classroom, and people often ask me what was my favorite thing to teach. I think it would have to be 5th grade science. Personally, I love to read, but my students never got quite as excited about reading as they did about science.

For example, they got really into using science lingo in everyday conversations:
"Miss, your earrings are so lustrous."
"Miss, my hypothesis is that science class will rule today."

And a snippet from what might be one of my personal favorite convos of all time:
Hace Leche Kid: Miss, I don't like Mondays.
Me: I know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after having fun all weekend, but I'm always glad to see you guys.
HLK: No, I mean I don't like Mondays because we have to go to computers and can't do any experiments.

Awww! HLK was an...unwilling student a lot of the time, so it was especially great to hear that coming from him.

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