23 February 2012

milk...it does a body good

Over the past few weeks, I've been going through old photos, and I stumbled across this one, taken at school last year when Vaca Lula, the Dos Pinos mascot, came to town. As you might be able to tell, she really got down with some good jams, and the kids just loved her. She also gave out some really cool prizes! All of those Vaca Lula memories reminded me of another cow-related memory from my third year of teaching...

It was my first year teaching the same subject for an entire year (my placement was switched 11 times during my first two years, so I was super excited to teach something consistent for a change). I was teaching 5th grade science, and we were learning about sound energy. I explained that sound travels as vibrations, and taught them a great song about it and everything.

At one point, one of my girls raised her hand and said: "Miss! Did you know that some farmers play sad songs for their cows to make them give more milk? They hear the sounds and they think it's their babies crying, so they make a lot of milk." After that, a boy jumped up and exclaimed, "Oooooh yeah! Hace leche, hace lecheeeeeee!" [make milk, make milk] while making milking motions in the air.

We all just stared at him for a minute before bursting out laughing!

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