12 June 2011

shakira shakira!

Ok, so this is old news, but I forgot to write about it until now. Shakira gave a concert in Costa Rica in April!! Of course, my friends and I had to get tickets to see her perform. I'm a big fan of Shakira's unique style, and I really admire her philanthropy work with children in Latin America and victims of natural disasters.

Around the time I moved to Costa Rica, Shakira's song Waka Waka was chosen as the official 2010 World Cup song. It became a huge hit here (and everywhere else), and some little kids at my dance studio performed an adorable dance to the song at the first studio event I attended. I love the positive energy of this song, and every time I hear it, it makes me think of the great times I have had while living here.
Waka Waka!

When Shakira came to Texas a few years ago, my roommates and I entered a dance contest at Verizon to try to win fourth-row tickets. (We happened to be in the store trying to get my roommate's phone fixed when the contest started.) The one guy contestant ended up winning the tickets (I mean, how can girls compete with a dude shaking it like Shakira?), but we did get some of her cds and assorted radio station materials out of it, so it was a pretty good deal anyway. Tickets for that concert were sold out before we even knew they were on sale, so I was determined to get them this time. My friend E.A. wanted to surprise her boyfriend with tickets for his birthday, so we were on a mission. The day they went on sale, we logged on at 7:30 sharp to choose our seats, and we ended up getting some decent ones after only a few tries and a little help from my students, who are experts at where the best seats are. (Don't worry, this was all before school actually started.)

The concert did not disappoint! It took place in the new National Stadium, and even though the power went out at the beginning of the concert, Shakira's energy was incredible. Her dancing was amazing and the costumes were great, too. I'm so psyched that I finally got the chance to see her perform!

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