10 June 2011


Some health care professionals came to school a few days ago to give tetanus vaccinations. Mine is up to date, so I didn't need to get one this time (phew!).

A similar service administered H1N1 vaccinations at my school last year, which most of my students took advantage of. I was in charge of making sure that my "homies" got a shot if they wanted one (btw, "homies" is short for homeroom students...the students came up with this nickname, not me). When one homie returned to my classroom after getting his shot, I asked him if he was okay, to which he replied, "Yeah. My dad got some shots yesterday. But it didn't hurt him, because he has a lot of lard." Upon hearing that, I couldn't control myself, and just burst out laughing and laughing! Pain-free shots...a new advantage provided by lard!

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