06 April 2011

opinions, please

So, I need help making a major life decision.

Should I become a nun...

...or should I get married?

Just kidding! Kind of. But when I was discussing strategies to avoid unwanted male attention with some co-workers the other day, they came up with these two ideas. (That is, they suggested that I pretend to be a nun or married.) I know it probably seems extreme, but some people are just persistent. In the event of an emergency, my colleagues gave me an adjustable silver toe ring to wear on my ring finger (I have really small fingers) and a rosary to keep in my pocket.

Here's what I'm thinking: while the nun thing would probably be more of a deterrent to many individuals, it would probably also be less believable, given that I would be using this line in bars, at least occasionally. The whole not-having-a-habit thing isn't so much of an issue, as my friends assured me that many nuns go habit-less these days, and I could be pretty convincing by just touching my rosary fondly while quietly murmuring "mi esposo" when someone approaches. However, I would feel more than slightly guilty about impersonating a woman of the cloth. So tell me, what would you do??

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  1. To be honest, before I was married, I did the whole "I'm married" thing (and wore a ring too!) It actually does not seem to deter too many guys from still trying.

    How loose are the woman they usually hit on?!?!

  2. Yeah marriage is not a deterrent. I would be interested in the rosary!