06 November 2010

foreigners say the darndest things

It's not just kids who say the darndest things anymore.

There are a bunch of new teachers from the United States and Canada at my school. We're all at different places on the road to learning Spanish; nonetheless, we all have the common experience of communicating in a language that doesn't always come quite naturally, and blundering through the awkward conversations that sometimes result.

Exhibit A: The school director took us out for pizza our first week here. When the waiter came to take our order, one person asked, "?Puedo tener un pizza con ojos?" [Can I have a pizza with eyes?] While I have heard that eyeball pizza is tasty, I think I prefer hongos [mushrooms] on mine!

Exhibit B: A few weeks later, as my friend was walking past the cafeteria, she was tempted by the delicious smells emanating from within. She crossed paths with a new colleague, and in a demonstration of friendliness, meant to say "!Mmmmm, tengo hambre!" [I'm hungry!] Instead, she exclaimed, "!Mmmmm, tengo hombre!" [I have a man! Like in the Biblical sense.]

Fortunately, everyone we've encountered has been very patient with our bumbling Spanish. What can I say...at least we're trying, right?!

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