28 November 2014

a small-town teacher's social life

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up, and it reminds me of the funniest/most awkward conference night I've experienced.  It was my fifth year of teaching, and a parent came in with a magazine, very excited, and saying she had a surprise for me.  When it was this parent's turn, she presented me with the magazine, which happened to be a newspaper-like local social life magazine for the city of Reynosa.  She turned to a double-page spread of photographs that had been taken one night at some clubs in McAllen, TX.  And I happened to be in two or three of the photographs.  I wasn't doing anything scandalous, just sitting with friends, but it was certainly awkward to have a parent bring me photographs of myself going out with friends.  After she left, another parent who was waiting said, "I wasn't sure whether to tell you, Miss, but I've seen you out at [a local club] before.  Now, you're probably thinking that you need to get new places to hang out!"  Yes, in fact, that is exactly what I'm thinking.  Oh well...at least they were both excited and amused, rather than offended, by seeing their children's teacher out on the town! 

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