25 March 2012

procrastinate later

It's that time of year again...for most of the teachers I work with, grades are due today. Grading papers is an unpleasant task at best, and if you don't keep up with your grading, the papers can get really out of control and the task can become completely overwhelming.

During my first year of teaching, LR, a teacher friend from my school saved ALL of her students' papers to grade until the weekend before grades were due. (What can I say, the first year is completely grueling in so many ways, and grading can seem like the least of your worries...until it's a week before report cards are due and you have literally hundreds of papers to grade and scores to enter.) After school on Friday after a particularly tough week, she couldn't stand the idea of staying at school long enough to go through all of those papers, so she decided to take them home to work on them with the tv playing in the background. It's the small things, you know? So she got out to the parking lot, put the papers on top of her car while she was loading everything else into the car, and...drove away! With all of the papers still on top of the car! Naturally, they flew all over the highway that my school was on! Luckily, that road never has much traffic on it (my school was in a tiny town), so she was able to get out and recover most of the papers, with the help of the technology teacher from my school, who saw her plight and stopped to assist.

Not surprisingly, LR has stayed on top of her grading situation since then!

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