14 October 2011


The day after my mom returned to the U.S., my friend and colleague C.S. invited all of the elementary teachers over for a delicious brunch at her house. It was so fun to have a last meal with these wonderful ladies who were so friendly and supportive during my time in Costa Rica! The meal was amazing: scones, quiches, fruit salad, mimosas...it was quite a spread. And as usual, the company was even better than the food! I had made mixed cds for everyone, and they had bought me a box of tasty Cafe Britt chocolates as a good-bye gift. Getting out to C.S.'s house was quite a feat; her directions included steps like, "Turn left when you come to the tree in the middle of the road." I never quite got accustomed to streets without names and directions like those, but it's pretty typical there.

Here is my amazing school team!

I miss you all!! Thank you for everything.

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