16 May 2011

keeping it classy

There's a restaurant called Legends near school that my friends and I like to go to from time to time. They have tasty food and excellent musical selections, as evidenced by their non-stop playing of music videos from the 1950s through the 1990s. My friend E.A. and I decided to grab an early dinner there one Friday afternoon. The bus we usually ride home passes Legends on the way home, so we decided we could just get off a little earlier than usual, do some grocery shopping, and then walk over to Legends. We explained our plan to the bus driver, trying to do so very inconspicuously, as Legends also has a bar, and we didn't want any students to know where we were going and think anything weird about it. Unfortunately, he didn't understand what we meant, and started loudly questioning us about our plan. At that point, everyone starting putting in their two cents' worth, so the jig was up.

Finally, when we got to Legends, it wasn't even open. Ha! We had to wait outside for it to open. Of course, pretty much all the school buses and parents who pick up their kids have to drive past Legends to get home, so we spent that time trying not to look ridiculous while waiting for the restaurant to open.

E.A. and me, waiting for Legends to open/trying to hide from students' families and co-workers as they drive by.

Yeah, we keep it classy.

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