13 February 2011

i saw the sign

Have I mentioned how much I love my apartment complex? It's really safe, but in a beautiful way, not a you're-safe-only-because-you're-locked-behind-heavy-bars way. The units are really light and airy and are surrounded by beautiful garden areas.

Another thing I like is the signs my landlord puts up all over, just because they're so funny:
The bottom one of these two is my favorite because of the addition of the sound effects and pictures. I also like that it invokes neighborly goodwill, which is always nice.

This sign discussion brings us to a situation I'm trying to deal with right now. Enter THE sign:

Those of you who know me well know that I love to decorate my apartment. I have creatively covered up some completely atrocious objects in my time. But I mean, this sign... I really can't cover it up, because people need to get the message (the plumbing here can't accommodate paper, and flushing it would lead to a much worse sitch than the one I'm currently facing), but it's just.so.bad. Are you with me in thinking there's really no way to make it classy?

If you have any ideas (real or just humorous), leave them in the comments! There might be a prize involved for the best suggestion...


  1. If your body doesn't make it, the toilets can't take it! Please place all papers, plastics, and other materials in the buckets - not the toilets. We'll ALL thank you!

  2. Hahaha those signs are just too funny! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog and for being my newest follower! I am loving your blog and can't wait to read more! It looks like a lot of fun goes on around here!

  3. I think you could start by getting a new sign without an unsightly brown stain near the bottom right corner, and then laminating it and attaching it to the underside of the toilet seat cover. That way it would only be visible when it is needed.