23 July 2010

road trip re-cap

After packing up all of my belongings and getting my work visa paperwork taken care of, I didn't have much time between wrapping up the school year in Texas and moving to Costa Rica. However, I did have time for a sweet road trip from Texas to New York, and even got to hang out in New York for a bit before moving. Here are some highlights from the summer:

Driving to San Antonio to hang out and go tubing with my friend SK. Never thought I would see a zebra running free through a field in south Texas!

Checking out the steam at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas

touring the world's longest underground cave at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

admiring the views at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee

wandering through the swamps at Congaree National Park in South Carolina

visiting my extended family in North Carolina...

...and making faux-hamburger cupcakes for our massive annual family reunion/Fourth of July picnic combo

avoiding the bears at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia

enjoying the company of old friends

sailing on Cayuga Lake, where I grew up

cooling off at one of the hometown waterfalls

taking a wine tour on beautiful Seneca Lake (in the Finger Lakes region, right next to the lake I grew up on)

and heading back to Texas for one last weekend of fun at my friend SK's wedding before moving waaaay South!

Congratulations, SK and SK! Costa Rica...here I come!

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