14 July 2010

i get so emotional baby...

...every time I think of you. Is anyone else a big fan of that song, and/or Whitney in general? I totally love her, especially in pics like these:

Hott. I'm digging those high-waisted pants of hers. Anyway, as excited as I am for my upcoming move, I've also started getting all sentimental about leaving my family, friends, and the great places I've lived. Naturally, I've been turning to online episodes of Glee and The Bachelorette during these trying times.

Also, I've received many e-mails containing well-wishes from my 6th grade friends, which have helped a lot. As much as I love having the summer off, the e-mails from my students have reminded me how much I love teaching, and I can't wait to meet my new 4th grade friends in a few weeks.

One that I received yesterday read:

Subject: re
Body: You're going to Costa Rica I'm going to Chicago it is going to be so much fun. -Elvira

Another one, from last week, read:

Subject: Hello mis L it is Fernanda how are u have a great summer and a good life
Body: Yes mis i would be gladso you could send me pictures. I am glad you were my homeroom teacher you are a great teacher and I hope I see you in life thank youmis L thank u for teaching me...mis L I hope you get there soon and hove a good time at COSTA RICA [insert bouncing smiley face icon here]

So presh. However, (and I mean this in the best possible way), I am now realizing how much I need to insert more grammar/writing instruction into my science lessons in the future. Maybe I'll even throw in a letter-writing lesson or two. I'm also realizing that although things like e-mail, Facebook, Skype, etc. can lead to wasting time, ultimately I'm glad we have them to help us stay in touch with each other.

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  1. Luisa-

    Have safe travels! I am so excited for you - can't wait to catch up with you on our birthday and hear all about your Costa Rican adventures.