04 May 2010

100% to and through

My school district's mission is to send 100% of our graduates "to and through" a four-year college or university. To help students understand what going to college is like, we take them on a trip to visit colleges and cultural sites in a different city every year. Tomorrow, we are taking 85 sixth graders to San Antonio for their annual college field lesson. We'll be gone three days and two nights (overnight trip--ahhh!), and will hit up places like UT San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake University, the Witte Museum, the Alamo, the San Antonio Missions, and Brackenridge Park. I've had trouble sleeping the last two nights, worrying that I've overlooked some important part of the plan--the other night I dreamed that I forgot to book the hotel--but at this point, everything seems to be as thoroughly planned as possible. Unexpected little glitches are bound to come up, but for now I'm just going to focus on being excited and having a great time with the kids, who could not be more thrilled about going on this trip! Wish us luck--I'll let you know how the trip goes!

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  1. Gawwww, I loved field lessons.
    They gave me grey pelitos, but I loved them!

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  3. Ah, see, for me, it was knots in my shoulders instead of the grey pelitos.

    And yet, I still believe that field lessons = awesomeness